Lost Railways of Southern Ontario - St. George Presentation 2024

Lost Railways of Southern Ontario - St. George Presentation 2024

Transit Timewarp creator Trevor will be giving another history presentation on Sunday April 14th, 2024. "Lost Railways of Southern Ontario" will focus on Trevor's "then and now" photographic comparisons of locations including Toronto, Hamilton, Cambridge, and more!

The slideshow will be hosted by the South Dumfries Historical Society, who is having their Annual General Meeting at 2pm. Trevor's talk will start after the AGM, around 2:30pm.

St. George Memorial Hall - 34 Main St. South, St. George, Ontario. 

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Hello Trevor,
I just wanted to thank you for yesterday’s talk. It was very interesting. I especially loved the old camera.
I am wondering if you could send me the pictures that were of our old station property, taken down by the road under the train bridge. That is one I don’t have. Also, if you would mind connecting me with the older gentleman you met that had all of the photos and stories. Thank you kindly, Trish

Trish Cook

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