New Book "Transit Timewarp: Hamilton Vol. 1" is now for sale!

New Book "Transit Timewarp: Hamilton Vol. 1" is now for sale!

The third book in the Transit Timewarp series by Trevor Parkins-Sciberras (a.k.a. "The Time-Traveler") is now available to order online!

It's time to look back on 150 years of Hamilton's transit heritage. Explore the history with these visually striking comparisons by Time-Travel Trevor. This book includes many archival photographs of the radial railways, incline railways, and the Street Railway of Hamilton, Ontario.

You can order softcover copies of all 3 books from the print-on-demand website or Amazon's Kindle Direct Publishing.

Author Trevor Parkins-Sciberras was at the Grand Opening of the HSR's 150th Anniversary Exhibit in downtown Hamilton on May 21st, 2024.

Order from Amazon here:

Order from Lulu here:

As of now, the next book to be released should be "Toronto's Lost Streetcar Routes".

In-store availability will be posted soon. Stay tuned for updates!

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Well done Trevor.I’m happy for your enthusiasm in transit.

Pat Almonte

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